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to all of you Blossom BC participants: 

Blossom BC will start officially Friday 24.10 . We have encountered some minor problems but we’ll fix them soon and get onto challenge. 

Blossom: Yep, they are thinking what challenges you can do to win some time with me. I hope they fix those soon because it’s kinda lonely here.

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Florian went into panic. He was alone int his place,  the machine had ate Norman, Florian was sure of it, or at least he was somewhere long gone. There wasn’t any other way out and he was alone. Florian swallowed and his thoughts ran like a bunch a scared rabbits. 

He took a deep breath, extended his hand to the light, closing his eyes. He gasped, nothing happened. Florian opened his eyes a little, the electricity made the hairs on his hand stay up and it tickled a bit, Nothing more. Florian took a step closer and vortex of light covered him.He couldn’t see anything else, just the light and it was soon too bright to look at. Again Florian fell into darkness ,vortex spinning him around and around. 

Norman opened the door, it wasn’t locked anymore.They stepped into room, it was filled with blue light and in the middle of it was some sort of machine made of steel. It was crackling and it had lights, little flashes and beams all over it, twirling in a vortex of some kind. It was thrilling but it was scary. 

Norman looked at Florian. He didn’t need to say , Florian knew just what he was feeling, what he was trying to say. They were scared and still they would have to step in to the machines bright vortex, in to the something unknown. Final look and Norman stepped in to the light. Florian could see his figure still faintly in the bright light until he disappeared. 

“Attention! Attention ! Everyone get ready to move to the transport room.”metallic voice announced from the speaker behind them. Norman grabbed his back pack and got up, Florian did the same. Again Florian felt his heart beat quickening, just as it had already calmed down a bit while talking to Norman. Norman looked at him , telling speechless that he was here too, they were in this mystery together. 

“Shall we go then?” Norman asked when Florian just stared at the speaker like it had announced words of the last doom or something. Norman put his hand on Florian’s shoulder, comforting and, calming.”Together. We can do it together.” he said shortly, pressing his hand on Florian’s shoulder. 

”How can you be so calm?” Florian blurted and regretted it instantly. He didn’t want Norman to know how nervous he was.“Well” Norman chuckled.”There isn’t any other way out that that locked door and I guess it’s my style of living to adjust to whatever life throws at you.”he continued.

Florian looked around, there was really just one door and it was locked., then there was just plants and signs . The little tecfan in Florian wanted to go and explore all those cool technological wonders, but he was too stunned to be thrown in the middle of the future room, all of a sudden, from his own cozy room at home. 

“Ahh..Umh…”Florian opened and shut his mouth like a fish on the dry land. “I’m Florian”he finally grunted out.It made the guy next to him, Norman, to sit on the bench and look at him. Smile grew slowly on his face and for some reason, it was the nicest thing Florian had seen in a while. “Nice to meet you Florian, I think we are in this boat together then.” Norman said and smiled to him. Florian just nodded, he couldn’t think anything reasonable to say. 

“So is this a dream?,”he asked after a moments silence, in which Norman clearly checked him from head to toes and smiled all the way and it had made Florian even more nervous than he was before. Norman shook his head. “No, I don’t think so…I think they made it just look like that, the whole flying in the stars and that beam of light. I think this room really exist in some dimension, but I don’t know why we are here.”he finished and looked at Florian.

“So they got you here too?” A voice pulled Florian back from the darkness he was at. Now he was sitting on the bench in a brightly lighted room. It looked like a waiting room of some sorts, only difference was huge door with a warning sign, on the other end of the room . Florian looked around. There was odd transparent, holographic plants and screens and signs and Florian could feel his hair tingle from all the electricity in the room. 

“Never seen anything like these.” the voice continued not minding that Florian didn’t even answer to his previous question. He looked at the source of the sound and just beside him on the floor was sitting another guy, dark hair combed up, red hoodie and jeans and he was looking at the walls and holographic plants. “I am Norman, by the way.” He continued , didn’t even bother to turn his head to Florian, just continued his starting contest with the walls. 

He was flying, high, much higher than the rooftops of the highest houses in town. It was dark, but he wasn’t cold at all. He floated among the stars and just watched them. The thought, that this was probably a dream occurred his mind but he didn’t care, it was beautiful,it was peaceful, if it was a dream he didn’t want to wake up.

All of sudden the peaceful atmosphere of his dream disappeared, the skies were torn apart by a huge beam of light that appeared from somewhere.It was like a meteorite’s tail or something. Florian felt his heartbeat fasten, he tried to move, to get away from the beam of light as it was coming straight towards him. 

But he couldn’t, he couldn’t move a finger and the beam came closer and closer. Florian closed his eyes, the beam was too bright to look at, and after a sudden flash of even more brighter light , he fell into darkness.